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Welcome to the official website of the orbit hotel in St. Petersburg. Our hotel passed the complete renovation of rooms in 2021-2022.

The Hotel «Orbital» is located 15 minutes from the historical center of the city. Nearby is the entire city infrastructure (Pionerskaya metro station, shops, pharmacies, public transport stop).

Our hotel is a relaxing rest on a soft bed, snow -white underwear, numbers of various categories with all amenities, caring and warm staff, the presence of a spacious cafe, low cost - all this for you!

We try to take into account all the wishes of our guests, so there is a free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel throughout the hotel, and the guests who came to us by car are free guarded parking.



  • Nikolay Romanov



    Good hotel at a reasonable price. Rooms are compact and modern. I didn’t have a kettle or carafe for water)

    Subway within walking distance

  • Sasha Bel



    At the reception, the staff is friendly, polite, the room is clean, there is even a description of what is in the room.

  • Ekaterina K.



    I really liked the hotel. The room is good, everything worked.

  • Yang



    Good hotel. Fresh, clean rooms. Near the metro, very comfortable.

  • Alia



    Excellent hotel in its price range! The room is clean, very warm, friendly staff. Separately, I would like to note the cafe staff, who, on their own initiative, prepared breakfast based on my eating habits - this is customer focus!

  • Nastya



    Very nice bright hotel. The interior is clean, all the staff is patient, polite.

    As a gift, the room level was raised. As a result, we lived in a very nice, bright room. A very large and comfortable bed, a small but roomy refrigerator, soft mats near the bed.

    Every day the room was cleaned, if we used the shower gel and shampoo offered by the hotel, we always folded it again.

    The bathroom itself is very nice, free, comfortable. The sink is not very large, so when the glasses were washed, there was little space, but you can wash in peace. The shower room is very comfortable, large, clean. The shower itself is easily adjustable in pressure, height. You can make it as convenient as possible, fix it and wash your hair. The door completely protects the bathroom from water.

    The lighting in the room could also be chosen such as is convenient. Turn on the light at the entrance separately, separately in the room itself, you could turn on any of the 4 night lights, or you can turn on a lamp on the table.

    The curtains were thick, so the light did not interfere at all. There was also a transparent light tulle.

    Both windows opened, so you can quickly check in the room.

    There was a cooler with hot and warm water on the floor.

    We didn't go to the cafe in the hotel, so I can't say anything about him. But there are a lot of shops and cafes nearby (10 minutes walk).

    The hotel itself is located in a pleasant area. It was possible to walk down the street even at night.

  • Nataliya



    I had a great room. For 2 separate beds. The second room for a married couple is much smaller and has one large bed. Clear. Everything is fine. The perfect bed. Very decent breakfasts. It's very warm, but the open windows help us. The windows are not very clean, or rather very muddy.But since this is in many rooms, it was decided that this is a marriage of glasses. It was very difficult to settle the problem with the vi fi connection in general well!!!!

  • Ivan V



    A decent hotel

    Polite staff

    Renovation in the rooms is new

    Checked in at 10 am . Right after arriving in the city, which is great

    The rooms are warm, even too warm

    In general, you can safely move in for a long time

  • Viktoriya Titova



    Very cozy room, everything was clean, there was no dust, there is a safe, polite reception! But I didn 't like the quality of the shampoo , the hair after it is very hard , dry and lifeless and immediately had to put brushes and paste ! And so everything is fine , very cozy long bathrobes

  • Kirill



    Convenient location of the hotel, close to the metro, just 10 minutes. Friendly staff. Daily room cleaning, good kitchen. I recommend it for living, especially for students of the Rosatom Technical Academy


Aerodromnaya st., 4 letter A (entrance from General Khruleva st., 5)